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Police officers move up the ranks

Police officers move up the ranks


Several police officers of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force, the Coastguard Service and the Prison Service have received promotions and appointments.

Some of those promoted are: Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Kamecia Blake-Byam, to the rank of Superintendent; ASP Leonard Fergus {{more}}to the rank of Superintendent; Inspector Foster Scott to Assistant Superintendent of Police; Inspector Anthony Humphrey to ASP; Inspector Timothy Hazelwood to ASP; Station Sergeant Adrian Francois to Inspector; head of the Major Crimes Unit (MCU) Station Sergeant Trevor Bailey to the rank of Inspector; Sergeant Juliana Charles to Inspector; Sergeant Monsell Millington to Station Sergeant; Sergeant Lyndon Oliver to Station Sergeant; Sergeant Junior Nero to Station Sergeant.

Lieutenant Commander Brenton Cain of the Coastguard has been promoted to the rank of Commander; and Lieutenant Deon Henry has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Sub-Lieutenant Enos Hamlette has been promoted to Lieutenant; Chief Petty Officer Vinton John to Sub-Lieutenant; Chief Petty Officer Tyrone Durham to Sub-Lieutenant; Petty Officer Ceyon Hinson to Chief Petty Officer; Petty Officer Donald Harry to Chief Petty Officer.

Chief Prison Officer Bryan Andrews has been promoted to the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Prisons;

Senior Prison Officer Winsbert Garraway is now the Chief Prison Officer.