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Digicel $10 000 winner to give some to church

Digicel $10 000 winner to give some to church


Winning EC$10,000 has not only benefitted Antonia Robertson, but it has also helped her church (Hope for Life Restoration Ministries).

Robertson is the second winner in Digicel’s “Together we make Christmas Better” promotion, which is this year awarding persons with huge sums of cash.{{more}}

Robertson won her share of money last Friday, December 28, at the Sunrise Supermarket in Arnos Vale, after taking part in a Digicel organized treasure hunt.

After winning, the Arnos Vale resident, who teaches at the Kingstown Preparatory School (KPS) commented, “I’m very excited; words can’t explain how I feel seeing that I did not think that I would win.”

Robertson said that she will give one tenth of her winnings to her church, while some of the money will go towards paying her tuition, as she is currently pursuing studies at the University of the West Indies Open Campus.

“I would like to say thank you to Digicel,” said Robertson, who in the past won a PlayStation 3 and a smartphone from the company in another promotion.

Last Friday, Digicel used the Sunrise Supermarket as the venue for a treasure hunt. Four items were placed in the supermarket on different shelves. Each item was marked with a red ‘Santa’ hat and an envelope and four Digicel customers (including Robertson), who were, during the week, chosen in a random draw, were asked to search the supermarket for the out of place items.

One of the envelopes attached to the items (eventually found by Robertson) contained a piece of paper marked EC$10,000.

The other contestants were Digicel prepaid customer Kenroy Williams, a teacher at the Georgetown Secondary, Leslie Glasgow, a teacher from Mt Bentick, who works at the Georgetown Primary School and Lavern Jackson, a farmer from Georgetown.

Williams won himself two bottles of Johnny Walker Black; Glasgow won a ham and a bottle of wine; and Jackson took home EC$500 worth of groceries.

Apart from winning the EC$10,000, Robertson also won three cases of Hairoun drinks. She was asked by Marketing manager at Digicel Juno DeRoche to choose someone in the supermarket to hand over the drinks to and Robertson, after seeking out someone with a child, handed over the three cases to Zonell Wilkinson of Calder.

Wilkinson, who was shopping with her daughter, said that she was grateful to receive the drinks.

“When I heard that they told Antonia to give away the drinks, I thought that it would be nice to get them. I can’t find words; I am so grateful to Antonia and Digicel,” said Wilkinson, who said that she was also a Digicel customer.

Meanwhile, persons are entered in the random draws for Digicel’s ‘Together we make Christmas Better’ promotion. Meanwhile, when they do everyday transactions like topping up EC$15 or more, pay their post-paid bill in full and on time, sign up for a seven-day 4G data plan or higher, or purchase a 4G smartphone.

Persons also qualify when they join the Digicel family by purchasing a SIM card, while customers are also entered in the draw when they receive a top up of US$20 or more from overseas.

The third promotion winner will be decided today, Friday, December 5, while other winners will take home cash on Friday, December 12 and Friday, December 19. On Christmas Eve, December 24, a lucky person will take home EC$20,000 on the final day of the competition.