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Premier Distributors ‘Cookie Squad’ treats students to Tea Time snack


A number of afternoon commuters, mainly secondary and post secondary school students, received a lesson recently, from the staff of Premier Distributors, that any time is Tea Time.{{more}}

On Tuesday, members of the distribution company’s “Cookie Squad” conducted a series of “drive by missions” on a number of bus stops, handing out Tea Time Chocolate Orange, a chocolate cookie with an orange flavoured filling, to the unsuspecting students who were awaiting transportation to go home after a hard day of studies.

At the Bentick Square (Hospital Corner), Richmond Hill (Girls’ High School), and Villa (entrance to Community College) bus stops, the squad alighted from their Tea Time branded vehicle, and showered the surprised, but appreciative students with samples of the newest Tea Time product on the market.

The students, obviously taken aback by the gesture, thanked their “orange assassins” for the afternoon snacks, which are also available at shops, supermarkets and other outlets nationwide.

A member of the Cookie Squad indicated that Premier Distributors would be doing similar distributions in the upcoming weeks, and warned that Vincentians should be on the lookout for the product-branded vehicle in their communities, and prepare to be treated.

Premier Distributors are the agents for Bermudez, WIBISCO, Holiday and Kiss products.