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Lions Club hosts luncheon for elderly citizens

Lions Club hosts luncheon for elderly citizens


The Lions Club Kingstown SVG recently hosted a luncheon for 60 elderly members of communities on the Leeward side of St Vincent. The luncheon was held at the Golden Years Activity Centre at Cane Grove, in conjunction with the National Insurance Services (NIS).{{more}} This luncheon visit is one of the 2014 -2015 projects put forward by Lion president Monica Glasgow and adopted by the club.

The luncheon opened with a praise and worship session, followed by lunch, where the seniors were treated to healthy dishes, including callaloo soup with chunks and baked fish. They were also treated to glasses of non-alcoholic wine for a toast of thanksgiving. The community members then shared stories, songs and poems with members of the club and expressed their gratitude for the visit and meal. The club also treated each of the persons in attendance with a gift bag and a takeaway snack box filled with desserts.

In her remarks Lion Monica Glasgow expressed her thanks to the National Insurance Services for their provision of transportation services for pick up and drop-off of the community members and the use of the Activity Centre. She also stated that older members of the community were sometimes forgotten and this was one way of the club reaching out to them. She was proud that there were four persons over the age of 90 in attendance and that they were able to share in the fellowship.

The visit is part of the Lions Club Kingstown- SVG continued service under their theme for the 2014-2015 Lionistic year “Reach Out and Touch.”