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Executors honour Arthur Connell’s wishes

Executors honour Arthur Connell’s wishes


Executors of the Estate of Arthur Rawle Connell have handed over $104,969.73 each to the St George’s Cathedral and the School for Children with Special Needs.

The presentations were done earlier this week by executors Cheryl Durrant and Grant Connell.{{more}}

Durrant, in making the presentations said, “Mr Arthur Connell was always a friend and contributor to these institutions during his life and we are just carrying out his instructions, as stated in his last will.”

Meanwhile, Connell‘s nephew Grant Connell, the other executor, noted: “The donations are significant amounts, but it comes as no surprise to me. Arthur Connell, like his 11 siblings: Robert, Tracey, Charlie, Carol, Stella, Eileen, Evelyn, Phyllis, Norris, Joseph, Kathleen, three of whom are still alive, came from an era where certain qualities that are priceless were instilled in them from youth. So, for those who acquired earthly possessions, including money, it did not influence their mindset or prevent them from being kind and generous to their fellow men and the less fortunate.

“Uncle Arthur was a kind man and this act is a manifestation of such…. I take great pride in doing this. I am certain the gift will bring joy to these special children…. If only, other Vincentians of a similar financial bracket or richer, could do likewise, we would be better off as a people. May his soul rest in peace,” Grant added.

Principal of the School for Children with Special Needs Naseem Smith expressed to SEARCHLIGHT her humility and gratitude for the donation.

She said that the donation came at an opportune time, as it would go a long way in assisting with propping up the annual subvention the school gets from central government.

The donation to the school was witnessed by Clyde Fitzpatrick, who represented the Ministry of Education, students, as well as the chair of the institution’s Board of Directors, Dr Colin Boyle.

Arthur Connell died January 26, 2009, at the age of 86.