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From Arnos Vale with love

From Arnos Vale with love


The manicuring of some of the plants at the main Arnos Vale Playing Field is causing a stir among those who visit the site.

Above all, however, it is the three-layer capped ficus plant with a heart shape that is catching the eyes of many.

At the international cricket matches held here{{more}} last month, patrons were seen expending a great deal of admiration for the horticulture, while others used the plant as a backdrop for their photo shoots.

Manager of the National Sports Council Cecil Charles told SEARCHLIGHT recently that he welcomes the initiative taken by Michael “Lord Have Mercy” Ollivierre.

“The fences, the plants and the palms inside, are all being taken care of by Mercy, and I tip my hat off to him… They add to the beautification and aesthetics of the facility,” Charles commented.

“We welcome that sort of initiative,” Charles added.

A rather out of character conservative Ollivierre, in turn, noted his personal joy in doing so.

Ollivierre said that since culturing the fences, trees and palms, members of his IT-DAT club have been given turns to be responsible for trimming the vegetation.

“It is all part of the holistic development of the athletes… To get them to appreciate nature and greenery,” Ollivierre revealed.

He recalled that the heart of the tree was deliberately broken some time ago, but that did not deter him from mending it.

Five years ago, the Sports and Environment commission of the National Olympic Committee, planted some ornamental and shade trees at the Arnos Vale venue.(RT)