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No one is saying what caused the death of our son – Parents of baby boy

No one is saying what caused the death of our son – Parents of baby boy


A couple has expressed dissatisfaction with the services provided at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, following the death of their newborn baby.

When Solomon Charles visited the SEARCHLIGHT on September 25, the day of his son’s death, it was clear {{more}}that the Diamond resident was upset.

He explained that on September 16, his wife, who suffers from high blood pressure, gave birth to a premature seven-month baby boy, whom they named Gabriel Amos.

However, after spending 10 days in an incubator, the baby died, and Charles said he was told that his son died as a result of internal bleeding.

“I’m trying my best to digest…to acknowledge that it done happen already,” Charles told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday.

Charles, who believes that his baby died as a result of negligence, stated that he keeps reflecting on the matter and it hurts a lot.

“No one there is going to say what caused the death of the child and everyone there will keep on covering it up. It is not easy for me, because I know my child was not sick. The doctor never report to me and say that my child was suffering from any disease or nothing,” he said.

He also explained that he was told his baby was bleeding out of the nose and mouth, when he died.

The 44-year-old, who revealed that this was the couple’s third attempt to have a child together, declared that the matter was something he had to live with, especially since his wife had to be tied off.

“We done count on this child. I know the position my wife in and I’m not going to put her in that position again,” he said.

“She’s ok, but she still thinking about what happened.”

Charles’ wife, Irma Baptiste-Charles, told SEARCHLIGHT that during the 10 days that her son was alive, she was told by nurses that her son was alright, up to the day he died. She explained that on the day before he died, she noticed that his hand, which was connected to an IV tube, was swollen.

“I think that they need to do better than what they are doing right now, because is not only my child alone lost down there; is a lot of them,” Baptiste-Charles said.

“I have couple friends that I call and their child dead.”

Baptiste-Charles added that she can only pray for God to heal her heart, as she was looking forward to bringing her child home with her.

The couple disclosed that they do not intend to take any legal action against the hospital.

SEARCHLIGHT was unsuccessful in our attempts to contact the medical director of the MCMH, Dr Charles Woods and consultant paediatrician at the MCMH Dr Bharati Datta.