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Finances committed to CDC were overdue – Ambrose

Finances committed to CDC were overdue – Ambrose

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Chair of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) Dennis Ambrose says the finances of the organization from multiple outstanding sources had to be consolidated before the Vincy Mas 2014 prize-giving ceremony could be held.

“These are monies which are committed {{more}} to the CDC… They were overdue and needed. Just to put that into context, you need to realize that this exercise is one that is in excess of $650,000,” Ambrose said while addressing the gathering at the prize-giving ceremony on Thursday, October 2, at the Murray Heights Hotel.

Ambrose further disclosed that in spite their efforts to have the trophies delivered in time for the ceremony, there was a delay in the shipment.

“This resulted in having to defer the proceedings until today,”he said.

The ceremony was initially scheduled to be held on September 25.

According to the CDC chair, they are satisfied with outcome of Vincy Mas 2014, stating that they achieved their aims in most of the events.

While there are still some things they have identified that they can improve on, Ambrose said most of the reviews have been positive.

Ambrose stated that from the years prior to his chairmanship of the CDC to present date, there has been a significant, overall improvement in every aspect of Vincy Mas.

“I say this because, these advances in Vincy Mas come with tremendous and increasing force and go beyond the dedication and commitment of the Carnival makers,” Ambrose said.

He congratulated all the winners and thanked the media for highlighting Vincy Mas each year.

Minister of Tourism Cecil McKie, sharing brief remarks, said after the carnival festivities conclude, there must be an outlet where they can put on display some of the work done for the Carnival season.

“You look around here and you see a number of pieces of the various mas bands and various sections. We must move to the point where we have some area where we can display our top mas for the year,” he said.

McKie praised the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force and the Public Health Department for doing a wonderful job during the Carnival season.

President of the Youlou Pan Movement, Oneka Morgan and president of the Carnival Bands Association, Hugh Raguette, gave brief remarks.(KW)