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Frederick highlights NDP’s vision for technology in SVG

Frederick highlights NDP’s vision for technology in SVG


The technological space in St Vincent and the Grenadines will see major improvements under the New Democratic Party (NDP) administration.{{more}}

As the deadline for general elections draws closer, the NDP is beginning to highlight some of the areas that they would wish to tackle, if they are given the chance to do so.

During an application launch on Wednesday, Senator Vynnette Frederick highlighted the party’s vision for technology in this country.

“The New Democratic Party has always been committed to the idea that the positive use of technology must become a way of life for our citizens. Our vision for Information and Communication Technologies for St Vincent and the Grenadines is for our country to boast a wealthy digital society and economy and number one digital destination – the place of choice to connect, communicate, collaborate and co-create. The NDP is ready to create a wealthy, competitive society and economy through strategic human and infrastructure investments within a thoroughly enabling environment in collaboration with world-class partners,” she said.

The shadow minister for Information and Technology took the opportunity to highlight some of the areas that should benefit from a boost in ICT integration.

These include a value-added ICT approach to education, wireless connectivity for locals and visitors at government offices and tourism sites and improvements in e-commerce and e-government.

“We would make sure that the system and the school environment and the educators are well prepared for a truly effective and value added ICT in Education Programme. Our NDP team is not about bells and whistles and bugles; we want our inputs, our investments in education to be genuine tools for learning not just toys without proper purpose,” Frederick said.

“In this SVG, wireless Internet connectivity would be available at no cost to the visitor and local alike in government offices, at tourism sites, over every square inch of this space. The idea is to have every visitor and every individual able to be online from the moment they arrive on our shores. We will make St Vincent and the Grenadines a hotspot; online wireless hotspot for free.”

Frederick added that resource centres will be transformed into smart labs and open to all persons.

“Why should the farmer who needs information about black sigatoka have to wonder where he can get it? He should be able to walk into a smart lab, ask his question and get his answers. Or better yet get it on his phone as an SMS or a message on his Smartphone,” she said.

President of the NDP Arnhim Eustace also commented on this vision, stating effort must be placed on attracting businesses that utilize technology to Vincentian shores.

Furthermore, the opposition leader noted that youths should be effectively trained to be able to work with these businesses.

While he declined to name who they were, Eustace revealed that the NDP is in the process of building relationships with “five world class creative innovators who run top accelerators in Europe and the United States.

“Of course, in order to do this we must be competitive and attractive as a destination. We must encourage innovation, and create opportunities for those among us who are interested in being mentored and supported by those in the world who are world class innovators,” he said.

“The NDP is serious about the development of Information and Communication Technologies in this country. We in the New Democratic Party are ready to put our youth to work, ready to give them opportunities in innovation, ready to see them lift our country through mastery of this space and these opportunities in technology.”(BK)