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Burglars raid Kingstown Anglican School building

Burglars raid Kingstown Anglican School building


The original Kingstown Anglican School building, which has been vacant since April 2012 when it was damaged by fire, was recently burglarized and vandalized.

Burglars broke into the historic school building over the weekend of September 13 and according to an employee of the school,{{more}} started stripping the infrastructure of the building.

The worker said the tuck shop was burglarized about three months ago, but the office and the little reading room were the main targets this time.

“The crooks wrenched off the office door (which is steel framed) and stole some computer monitors which were still there.

“They broke into the reading room, which had burglar bars at the door and windows, and stole the tv, vcr and some of the books. I don’t know how nobody in town saw or heard that. The thieves must have had something to transport all that stuff. I heard somebody was even selling some of the books in town, but ran away when confronted,” the employee said.

The school employee told SEARCHLIGHT that when the burglarized building was visited last week by a member of staff, a man was found sitting amongst the books which had been strewn all over the floor.

“There was also a fresh hole in the reading room door which the man used to enter and exit the room,” the employee said.

According to the worker, the ceiling fan, the inner office door, and the cupboard doors were stripped from the building.

The worker said when questioned, the man who was found in the building confessed that he had removed the cupboard doors because he saw “other people removing stuff and figured he should grab something before everything was gone.”

Since the building was damaged in 2012, students who were housed there have been accommodated at the former glove factory building on Bay Street. Other students of the school are housed at the former Emmanuel High School building at Victoria Park road.