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Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra hitting right notes

Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra  hitting right notes


The Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra has being playing the right chords, by tuning up the youths in the playing of the steel pan.

At the recent graduation ceremony for persons who were learning to play the instruments held at the Sion Hill Village hard court, a high note of praise was sounded by persons who gave remarks.{{more}}

Marla Nanton, the public relations officer of the Youlou Pan Movement, in her remarks, encouraged parents and graduates to join the Sion Hill Euphonium.

In listing the reasons why they should do so, Nanton stated, “… [the] Sion Hill Euphonium has given your first experience on the instrument and your first exposure to the steel band art form… Secondly by joining Sion Hill Euphonium you will become a part of a celebrated team…Also if you join the Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra, you will be a member of one of the most vibrant steel bands in the Youlou Pan Movement, one of the most highly competitive and highly motivated bands in the country.”

Also keeping the theme of commendation was Lavinia Gunn of the Mustique Charitable Trust.

Gunn, who said she was present at one of the training sessions for the graduates carried out by Rodney Small and Angelique Fitz Patrick, noted, “I realized that they are learning much more than just learning to play the steel pan…. There was an emphasis on self-discipline, on listening, on hearing, on working together and working as an orchestra.”

In further commending the Sion Hill Euphonium in helping to curb some of the negative forces, Gunn added: “The Trust is very, very pleased to be able to sponsor this project.”

Meanwhile, Arnhim Eustace, parliamentary representative for East Kingstown, who has been present at all 12 of the official graduation ceremonies of the band, in symphony, extended congratulations to the Sion Hill Euphonium hierarchy for continuing its efforts to holistically develop the organization.

Eustace lauded one of the products of the annual training programme – Rodney Small, who has been able to use the art form to personally excel by gaining tertiary education.

“Nothing pleases me more at times to see those persons who know about pan and belong to this area and come forward and do very well, and have been part and parcel of the band before, but they have transcended now and have gone to higher heights,” Eustace said.

The area representative noted that each year, the Sion Hill Euphonium rewards its members with tokens of appreciation for their performance at the national and regional examinations.

“I believe you set the prime example for what should be done for our youths in this area,” he emphasized.

The six- week training programme netted 38 new players of the instrument.(RT)