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Roll out of funds to farmers pleases PM


Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has expressed satisfaction in the roll out process of funds to farmers through the Farmer Support Company.{{more}}

“The Farmer Support Company has reached the 1,000 mark of assessed and approved applicants,” Gonsalves announced, during a press conference this week.

Earlier this year, Gonsalves advised the Farmer Support Company to speed up the distribution process in an effort to get money into the hands of the farmers.

The Prime Minister reported on Monday, that through the $6 million credit facility, a total of 1,136 farmers have been assessed and funds have already been distributed to them.

He further highlighted that farmers in rural areas can be assessed at learning resource centres and primary schools nearest to them, which eliminates a trip to the Ministry of Agriculture in Kingstown.

“We have disbursed $3.3 million already. We have had 336 assessments completed in the last two weeks. They have internal processes doing this,” he said.

“They have $4.5 million which I have given to them out of the 6 [million] so far. Next week, I might have to give them a little bit more at the pace they are now moving.” (BK)