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Nine-year-old boy in desperate need of kidney dialysis

Nine-year-old boy in desperate need of kidney dialysis


Unlike most of the nation’s children, Lazike Aberdeen isn’t at school regaling his friends with stories of what he got up to during his vacation. Instead, he spends his days in a hospital bed hooked up to an IV drip and other medication – mostly sleeping his pain away.{{more}}

Nine-year-old Lazike, who is suffering from kidney failure, has been hospitalised at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (paediatric ward) since August 19, 2014 – and prior to that, spent two weeks in hospital in July.

His mother Patricia Aberdeen told SEARCHLIGHT that her son developed a kidney problem at 5 months old. Doctors initially believed it to be a bladder problem because Lazike hardly urinated. However, when his condition worsened, tests revealed that it was his kidneys at fault.

“He spent five months in hospital back in 2004,” said Aberdeen. “He was real sick.”

Lazike’s mother said that he has been in and out of hospital throughout his life but that this time, he is in dire need of kidney dialysis – and in the long run, a transplant.

“They [the doctors] say his kidney is barely working,” she lamented. “He could shut down at any time.”

However, Aberdeen said that she and Lazike’s father, Lazika Richardson, cannot afford to pay for the required twice-weekly dialysis that her son needs.

“It’s kinda hard because I don’t work. His father is a carpenter so he gives money when he can,” she said. “I does try with what I have but it’s really rough now.”

She said that she has already approached a local charity organisation for financial assistance but needs to show Lazike’s medical records – which she is currently waiting on from the hospital administration.

Aberdeen also appealed to members of the public for assistance. She said that those who know her may not have been aware that the family is under financial difficulty in trying to raise funds for Lazike’s much-needed treatment.

“I don’t talk much so people wouldn’t know I’m struggling,” she said with a sad smile.

Aberdeen, a Belmont resident, said that it pains her to see her son in this condition because he used to be such a lively boy.

“He loves playing cricket; he’s very active,” she explained. “He’s a mouthy boy and loves kicksing around with people. He loves dancing and music, too!”

Aberdeen further said it distresses her a lot when he is in physical pain because she can’t do anything to alleviate it.

“Every day, I pray for him to get better!”

Lazike, who will celebrate his tenth birthday on September 23, is a student of the Evesham Methodist Primary School, and excels in Mathematics and Physical Education.

Deputy headteacher Thea Rodgers-Jack said that Lazike is very much missed at the school by classmates and teachers alike.

Describing him as “outgoing and caring”, Rodgers-Jack said: “He’s a very nice child. He is one of the children who wants to share his snacks with teachers!”

She said that although there has been no formal discussion with the school’s headteacher regarding a fund-raising event, the school has recently contributed money to Lazike’s parents to be put towards his kidney dialysis treatment.

Anyone who wishes to contribute to Lazike’s medical expenses can make deposits at the Bank of St Vincent and the Grenadines (formerly National Commercial Bank) using account number #125894.

Alternatively, his parents can be contacted at (784) 529-8728 (Patricia Aberdeen) or 530-7060 (Lazika Richardson).