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Priest apologises to Prime Minister for funeral incident

Priest apologises to Prime Minister for funeral incident


The priest in charge of the Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown has apologised to Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves for what transpired during the funeral service of New Democratic Party (NDP) spokesperson Elwardo Lynch.

In a letter written and delivered to the Prime Minister {{more}}last week Thursday, Father Kari Xavier Marcelle apologised for what he called the lack of “decorum and poise” at Lynch’s funeral which took place at the church on July 19 this year.

The 68 year old political activist passed away on July 9.

During the funeral ceremony, the Prime Minister was booed and jeered by perople who were displeased that he attended the funeral, even though he was invited to do so by some of Lynch’s children.

“The obvious procedures of protocol were not observed, and the lack of respect for God and each other was embarrassing and distasteful, and for this, again, I apologise,” the letter, read by Gonsalves at a press conference yesterday, said.

The letter also said that the Prime Minister was welcome to visit the sanctuary and other congregations within the district at any service or occasion that he was able to attend.

During his most recent visit to the church, Gonsalves said that Father Marcelle requested that the congregation stand reverently while he entered and exited the church.

“I am very happy to have received this letter. I know the people of the parish and also in the church, most of whom… support me politically and this is an indication from their resident priest as to how they felt about what transpired in July at E G Lynch’s funeral…,” Gonsalves said.