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C-PAF launched in St Lucia

C-PAF launched in St Lucia


Caribbean Performing Arts Federation (C-PAF)Inc., which has been registered and incorporated in Dominica since 2012, officially launched at a media launch on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at the Civil Service Association Centre in Sans Souci, Castries.{{more}}

This was a historical day in Saint Lucia for this relatively new entity which embraces all aspects of the performing arts and its support systems. This private sector not-for- profit organisation with its head office in Dominica, has representation throughout the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States.

The directors on the executive of C-PAF who were present for the media launch were the chief executive director – Irvin C Durand of Dominica; operations & programmes director – Sandra A James of Grenada, marketing director – Samuel Browne of St Vincent and media & communications director – Jackie Cherebin – Weekes of St Lucia. Members of Saint Lucia’s Task Force were also be in attendance.

Dr Kentry Jn Pierre, parliamentary secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries, with responsibility for the creative industries was the key note speaker and officially launched the organisation. Dr Jn Pierre had very encouraging words to say regarding C-PAF and welcomed its timely launch. It was well noted that his ministry has embraced and endorsed C-PAF by placing a member of staff on the task force.

The Caribbean Performing Arts Federation (C-PAF) is a member driven organisation which seeks to develop the performing arts as follows:

o The mission of C-PAF is to foster and promote the performing arts primarily in the OECS sub-region and eventually on a global scale.

o The purpose of C-PAF is to facilitate the development of an enabling environment for the implementation of a more integrated OECS creative arts sector.

o C-PAF aims to develop the educational and performing arts programmes targeting both in school (primary and secondary levels) as well as out of school youths

o Specific focus will be given to the professional and personal development of industry practitioners.

o One of the immediate goals of C-PAF is to establish a database including but not limited to industry practitioners and support services and a calendar of events in the OECS territories.

A national task force has been established in Saint Lucia as has been in most of the territories and official launches are scheduled with Dominica being the first in July 2014, and next in line will be Grenada on September 17 and St Vincent on September 19 this year. The task forces are made up of task force members and resource persons with special interests transcending the varying aspects of the performing arts and support services. The sectors of the performing arts that C-PAF will be engaging are music, dance, theatre, comedy, film and fashion.

The federation seeks to partner with as many governments, organisations, groups and individuals to work towards the development of the performing arts and to bring the talents and skills of our performers to a high standard in order to export them globally.