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Courts holds first Health, Safety Awareness Week

Courts holds first Health, Safety Awareness Week


Furniture and appliance store Courts St Vincent Limited held its first Health and Safety Awareness Week last week.{{more}}

According to Commercial manager Lisa Veira, the week ran from August 11 to 16, and included a number of activities geared at bringing further consciousness to the need for not only staff, but also customers to remain safe and healthy at the workplace and also at their homes.

The highlight of the week was a mini health and safety fair that took place in Kingstown on Wednesday, August 13, and on Friday, August 15 in Bequia, showcasing the benefits of choosing a healthy lifestyle, which boosts an individual’s chances of enjoying a happier and longer life.

Courts customer service officers and corporate partners demonstrated and explained various aspects of health and safety, including proper safety attire for the workplace, home security systems and ways to adapt and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Customers were also able to receive blood and pressure checks.

Corporate partners involved in the exercise included the community nursing department, Altcos Wellness Centre, Metrocint General Insurance, Shepherd’s Trading, Third Eye Security Company, Andrew Providence, and Health Springs.

Of course, no activity at Courts takes place without the customers benefitting financially.

A 10 per cent discount was offered on purchases of any bedding or small domestic appliance, since it is felt that these items contribute greatly to the promotion of a good night’s rest and healthy food preparation.

Veira said that the week of activities was extremely successful, since the awareness of health and safety was heightened for employees, and the people they serve on a daily basis.

“We at Courts have a social responsibility to provide a healthy and safe work and shopping environment for both our employees and customers.

“We have an ethical responsibility to keep our co-workers and customers safe; we cannot be the best place to shop and work if our employee or customer is injured. The aim is to promote and maintain the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers and customers.”