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Administration of YES, SET programmes leaves lot to be desired – NDP chair


Chair of the New Democratic Party (NDP) Dr Linton Lewis says while programmes such as the Youth Empowerment Service (YES) and the Supportive Education and Training (SET) programme have the potential to relieve some of the frustration and financial burdens that young people face, the way these programmes are administered leaves a lot to be desired.{{more}}

Addressing an NDP town hall meeting in New York last weekend, the Opposition senator said there have been complaints of victimisation and discrimination with these programmes.

“Rotation of persons on and off the YES programme has caused some concern for many who apply regularly, but are unable to be given the opportunity to obtain temporary employment, whilst others continue from year to year,” Lewis said.

According to Lewis, there are little or no employment opportunities for young people who are seeking employment and who possess the prerequisites for certain jobs.

“Many apply, but relatively few are chosen. And so there is discontentment, frustration, depression and despair. In the absence of hope, there is confusion and in the face of temptation, there is a loss of self-control,” Lewis stated.(KW)