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No airlines confirmed for Argyle yet – McKie

No airlines confirmed  for Argyle yet – McKie


There is still no confirmation on which airlines will be flying into St Vincent and the Grenadines, once the Argyle international airport is completed.

Following a tour of the airport site last Thursday, Minister of Tourism Cecil McKie indicated to media officials that he could not give the names of the airlines {{more}}that will operate in this country.

“We expect that we would have a number of airlines that would begin flying into St Vincent and the Grenadines when the facility is commissioned. We don’t have the exact names as yet. That discussion is continuing,” McKie said.

The minister, who noted that St Vincent and the Grenadines is arguably one of the most diverse destinations in the Caribbean, stated that there are a number of airlines interested in flying to the multi-island state.

Additionally, he explained that different types of flying arrangements would need to be discussed and arranged upon before anything is final.

“We have a number of airlines that have come in already from the UK, some from North America and we are completing visits from other airlines,” McKie said.

“They have indicated an intense interest in flying to the destination, but of course, we have to look at all of the ramifications. We have to let them come and see for themselves what possibilities exist here because a lot of them don’t want short-term arrangements. They’re looking to medium or long-term arrangements and therefore we have to bring them here and have the necessary discussions with them.”

The Tourism minister highlighted that the ministry has been working on marketing strategies and PR efforts, which have led to the country receiving several accolades and a number of awards over the past years.

Furthermore, McKie stressed the importance of Vincentians being ambassadors for their country in order to attract positive attention.

“There is always more that we can do to attract attention to the destination and also to encourage Vincentians out there to spread the word,” he said.

“I think that what we have to offer here in St Vincent and the Grenadines, we are arguably the most diverse in terms of the tourism product and I think we have to use that to our advantage. I think the airlines have recognized that and therefore they are willing to discuss with us the possibility of flying to the destination.” (BK)