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SVGNCTI programmes proving to be sucessful


A number of students are achieving exceptional results through programmes that are being offered by the St Vincent and the Grenadines National Centre of Technological Innovation (SVGNCTI).{{more}}

In September 2012, SVGNCTI launched its ABE and BCS diploma programme, which offered a number of courses. With the ABE programme, students had the opportunity to study Business Management(BM), Financial Management and the Management of Information Systems, Human Resource Management (HRM), Marketing Management (MM) and Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management(TTHM), while the BCS programmes offered certificates, diplomas or a professional graduate diploma in Information Technology.

According to a press release from the SVGNCTI, the first batch of students opted for Tourism and Hospitality Management and the Business Management courses and have been successful in receiving their certificates.

“One student a gained top award for Introduction to Business Communication. Another student took the initiative to study an additional module and received a certificate for Marketing Management also. Business Management tends to be most popular with the students; however, Human Resource Management and Tourism and Hospitality Management are almost on par,” the release said.

“One student has completed both the Certificate and Diploma in IT and will embark on the Professional Graduate Diploma in September 2014.”

Additionally, the release noted that there was a 100 per cent pass rate for the Tourism and Hospitality Management programme and an 80 per cent pass rate for Business Management.

Registration for 2014/15 has been extended to today, Friday, August 8, 2014 and orientation for ABE is scheduled for August 19 at 2 p.m., while the BCS orientation is scheduled for August 14.

While limited spaces are available for all programmes, SVGNCTI is assuring undecided persons that the programmes are professional, affordable, recognized and flexible and that persons can “gain a professional qualification that will help you in your career or a qualification that leads directly to a University Degree.”