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Show more support for local artistes – CDC’s Shows’ Co-ordinator

Show more support for local artistes – CDC’s Shows’ Co-ordinator


Co-ordinator of shows for the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) Marlon Stevenson is making a plea to Vincentians to support local artistes.{{more}}

Speaking at a CDC press conference last week, Stevenson urged persons to come out to the shows at Victoria Park and show their support for the artistes.

“Artistes can’t perform to an empty Victoria Park. It is disheartening to the producers and the artistes. They want the vibe and they want to feel the spirit. That is how they hone their skills and be better able to sell their services overseas. Once they can sell their services overseas, you know St Vincent and the Grenadines will be better off,” Stevenson added.

Stevenson said with artistes such as four-time Soca Monarch Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle and Kevin Lyttle doing well overseas, it is the hope that through their productions, other artistes would become more professional and hone their skills at a well produced show.

“That is our effort, to help artistes develop. We also want to help the artiste to produce good videography, so that they can use this videography to help themselves and sell their services elsewhere,” he said.

Other brief remarks at the press conference came from Onica Morgan, president of the Youlou Pan Movement and Cheryl Rodriguez, head of the Beauty Shows Committee.(KW)