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PM gets medical treatment in UK


While on official business in England, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves had to be hospitalized for one night.{{more}}

During a press conference yesterday, Gonsalves revealed that while he was in the United Kingdom, he underwent a medical procedure at a hospital.

“You may recall two years ago, on my way to the Middle East, I developed a problem and had to seek medical attention in Barbados. I had a small surgical procedure done. I felt, a few weeks ago, a niggling pain where the procedure was done. I went to the person who did it in Barbados and he reviewed it and said to me that he understands what had happened and he would have to do another minor procedure at the same place,” the Prime Minister explained.

He further noted that the doctor told him that the matter was not urgent and that the procedure could be carried out at a later date.

However, Gonsalves noted that the pain returned while he was overseas and this is what prompted him to see a specialist in England.

“I went to an appropriate specialist who diagnosed and said basically what the doctor in Barbados, who is a good man, had said. He said ‘would you like me to do the procedure here while you’re in England?’ I said of course and he asked me to come in on a Saturday around midday; he would do it and I would spend the night and come out in the next morning, which is what I did,” he said.

The Prime Minister indicated that he was fine, but felt that it was necessary to report on the issue.

Although he had his medical procedure done while in the United Kingdom, Gonsalves indicated that the main reason for his trip was to meet with “all the important players on the matter of the development projects in Canouan,” as it relates to the developed area as well as the marina, in the Grenadine island.

Also, the Prime Minister stated that he attended an exhibition at the House of Commons, which was hosted by the St Vincent and the Grenadines Second Generation organization. The exhibition featured the migration of Vincentians to the United Kingdom.(BK)