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New CFPWA executive aims for higher level of professionalism

New CFPWA executive aims for higher level of professionalism


A new executive is now at the helm of the Caribbean Federation of Police Welfare Associations (CFPWA), with Vincentian Sergeant Brenton Smith taking the seat as president.

The new executive was formed on Friday, May 16, at the Murray Heights Hotel, {{more}}where the CFPWA held their third annual conference and annual general meeting.

The members of the executive are: vice-president, Anand Ramesar of Trinidad; first vice-president, Cameron Laure of St Lucia; general secretary, Amanda Hermandstine of Guyana; assistant secretary, Drijo Jefferson of Dominica; treasurer, Zackie Issacs of Antigua; public relations officer, Raymond Thom of Trindad; protocol officer, Leonne Pollard of Guyana; and trustees, Michael Sobers of Barbados and Martin James of St Lucia.

Speaking briefly to reporters, the newly elected president said among the matters discussed were the registration of the federation, a matter with which they are still facing challenges.

“The regisration process was being done in Nassau, Bahamas. Unfortunately, it was not to our satisfaction in regards to time. The decision was made to remove the process from Nassau to Guyana,” Smith said.

Smith, who is also the general secretary of the Police Welfare Association here, said a decision was also made to remove the secretariat from Nassau to and relocate it to Guyana.

Vice-president Anand Ramesar said they have re-energized their position as it relates to the dissonance that exists among police officers in Caribbean and to bring about some level of congruence.

“The contribution that we make to policing, would do two things. It will increase the professionalism of our police officers and it will improve the level of security that we afford to citizens in the various countries,” Ramesar said.

He expressed the hope that the CFPWA will bring about a greater level of communication and networking among police officers.

“It is very common that most of the criminals in our countries move from island to island, from time to time. We hope that we can bring greater support to commissioners of police as they manage and try to bring about some tactical, operational utility in the way that they carry out their business,” Ramesar stated.

General secretary Cheryl Hermandstine assured persons that the new executive will work towards the objective of the association, which she pointed out as promoting, fostering and encouraging high professionalism and ethical standards in pursuit of representation of the members.

“They can look forward to new opportunities, projects and developments,” she said.

Other police officers from the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force were also in attendance.

The conference which ran from May 15 to 17 was held under the theme: “United we stand, together we achieve.” (KW)