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Eustace not ready to say what role Sir James will play

Eustace not ready to say what role Sir James will play


President of the New Democratic Party (NDP) Arnhim Eustace is not yet ready to say what role party founder Sir James Mitchell will play in the run up to the next general elections.{{more}}

During a town hall meeting in Brooklyn, New York last Saturday evening, a man, who identified himself as Samuel Gordon, asked Eustace what role would he have for Sir James.

“… the bell would be rung soon. And we all know that Sir James Mitchell, the founder of the NDP, he still has some influence; he can sway people, he is the founder of the NDP…” Gordon said.

Eustace, in a very terse response, said “with respect to Mr Mitchell, I am the leader of the New Democratic Party, and I will make a determination when I am ready.”

In November 2013, Eustace, in an open letter, had accused Sir James of being an acolyte of the Unity Labour Party and criticized him for the negative comments he made about the NDP following the staging of the 37th annual convention of the party.