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Chateaubelair mother fears for missing son

Chateaubelair mother fears for missing son


A Chateaubelair mother fears the worst for her son who left for St Lucia two Fridays ago and has not been heard from since.

Kenrah Williams, 30, also known as “Yarya” and “Killa”, a father of four children, left St Vincent and the Grenadines in the company of two St Lucian nationals {{more}}on a 30ft pirogue with a 75 horsepower engine on May 10.

The two St Lucians go by the names “Shorney” and “Body Move,” Chateaubelair residents told SEARCHLIGHT. Beverly Williams, popularly known as “Claygy,” told SEARCHLIGHT that she is hopeful that her son is alive, but at the same time she fears the worst, having not heard from him since the day he left.

Williams said that the day before Kenrah left, he told her that he was going away, but she wasn’t too worried as he didn’t go into any details and he was in the habit of travelling from time to time.

The distraught mother also said that after she heard on the street that her son and the other men had not reached their destination and had been drifting, she began to call his phone and some of his friends, but nobody could give her any useful information.

Williams has since reported the matter to the authorities.

There had been an initial report that the men had experienced engine failure and were drifting, but nothing concrete had been heard since.

Subsequent reports that the men had been rescued by a passing yacht and were in Martinique came to nothing.

Twelve days later, many are still hoping for the men’s safety.

Four Vincentians — Justin Fraser, Carl Taul, Maxwin Alexander and Mearoy Raboy were rescued by the United States Coastguard just off Puerto Rico on September 9 last year; they had been drifting for 12 days after their 30ft vessel broke down during a supply run from Union Island to the mainland.(TY)