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Viewers to fork out more to watch Mas on PPV


Members of the public who plan to view Vincy Mas 2014 via the pay-per-view service, will have to plug out more than they did last year, to do so.{{more}}

At a press conference of the Carnival Develop­­ment Corporation (CDC) on Tuesday, marketing co-ordinator of the CDC Anthony Dennie said the CDC has decided that for the pay-per-view service, they will charge the same price as for the most expensive ticket to enter Victoria Park, for a particular show.

“In the case of Miss SVG where it is $45 for the double-decker stand, persons wishing to view pay-per-view this year will have to fork out $45. That is the policy of the Carnival Development Corporation for 2014,” Dennie told reporters.

Chairman of the CDC Dennis Ambrose told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that last year, about 1,800 persons subscribed to the service for the Miss SVG show, 1,300 for Miss Carival and for the Soca Monarch show, approximately 1,600.

While stating that there was an overwhelming response to the pay-per-view service for Vincy Mas 2013, particularly for those three shows, Ambrose said with 1,800 persons buying the pay- per-view service, that is equivalent to at least 1,800 fewer persons coming to the shows.

“The prices persons were paying made it a lot more appealing to stay at home, get together in groups and look at the show. If you raise the price to the price being charged at the gate, you will probably think if you’re paying $45 to look at it on TV, might as well go to the park because the action is live,” he said.

According to Ambrose, with the introduction of the pay-per-view service about two years ago, members of the public have been able to keep up with the shows without leaving the comfort of their homes.

He added that this year’s shows will be affordable with enhanced quality and carried on channel 204. (KW)