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First responders receive updated first aid training

First responders receive updated first aid training


Tue May 13, 2014

Several members of a church in Fancy, along with a group of Emergency Communications (Emcoms) First Responders have been exposed to the most recent techniques in CPR and first aid.{{more}}

It is now mandatory for all certified first aiders to upgrade their life-saving skills on a regular basis as newer techniques evolve, increasing the possibility of survival for the victims by timely and knowledgeable intervention.

The course reviewed techniques for CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) and a variety of trauma cases, including vehicular accidents, falls, burns, including chemical burns, broken bones and heart attack victims. The course was facilitated by video presentations and practical sessions.

The “refresher” course was conducted at the Red Cross Headquarters in Kingstown, under the tutelage of Vulon Layne/Peterson, who also conducted the initial training for members of the Rainbow Radio League Inc (RRL) and the Fancy group. According to Layne/Peterson, the participation was at a high level and from the ensuing questions and answer session, he observed that learning had taken place.

This training activity is an ongoing venture between the Red Cross and the RRL, who now exist in a symbiotic relationship. The RRL trains Red Cross volunteers with wireless radio skills, while the Red Cross trains RRL members with life-saving skills. Both skills are essential during and after a disaster, especially if no phone service is available. (Contributed by: Donald De Riggs).