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Father believes he should have done more for deceased son

Father believes he should have done more for deceased son


The father of murdered Lowmans man Kyle Phillips said that he wished he had talked to his son more, when he had the opportunity.{{more}}

Darell Phillips told SEARCHLIGHT on Monday that when he last saw Kyle, he tried to have a conversation with the 20-year-old, who had been accused of being involvement in undesirable activities.

“… When I saw him I call him and tell him what I hear; then after he tell me he don’t know nothing about that…

“Every time I talk to him before, he never pulled away, except for the last time I saw him, when I tried to talk to him, he walked away from me, which I think I should have pulled him back and scold him.”

The father of three said he has been estranged from his wife, Kyle’s mother, for the past five years, but even during that time, his relationship with his deceased son was cordial.

He described his son as a quiet, respectful young man, who lately may have been going down the wrong path.

Last week Tuesday, while Kyle was on his way to his Spring, Lowmans Leeward home, he was shot several times by two gunmen who were waiting for him in his yard.

He ran to the home of his friends who lived some distance away, and was transported to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, where he died.

According to Phillips, who also lives in a different Lowmans Hill community, he was not aware that his son had died until later the following day, despite having seen Kyle’s mother earlier.

“Is when he done die, the Wednesday morning I was on the street and I saw she and one of she sons passed and she son blow the horn, but they didn’t stop and tell me nothing at all…. A stranger come and tell me that… and in the afternoon another brother come and tell me that he get shot.”

Kyle’s father said that he was aware that two men have been charged with his son’s murder, but to the best of his knowledge, he does not know if Kyle had any connection with the men.

Yesterday, Jason Henry and Rodney Roberts were charged with the young man’s death, after being sought by the police for questioning.

Phillips said that he hopes that justice will be served for his son, whom he misses very much.

“I feel it bad, every time I talk about him I cry. I feel a way. Last night I went to church and try to get my heart cool a bit.

“I feel a way because I saying if I was around my child and my children grow up with me around, I feel in a way he wouldn’t be in them kinda things.

“He around he mother and he mother wouldn’t be able to pull him up in a way that a father should do it.”(JJ)