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Wanted men turn themselves in

Wanted men turn themselves in


The lawyers who accompanied two men wanted in connection with the Tuesday night shooting death of Kyle Phillips, say that the suspects are claiming their innocence.{{more}}

Veteran lawyer Arthur Williams told SEARCHLIGHT that Rodney Roberts, whom he accompanied to the Central Police Station yesterday, said that he is voluntarily turning himself in to the police in a bid to clear his name.

“The boy don’t know anything about the whole thing; he just came because he saw the thing… on the news yesterday evening… and he came to me and I say leh we go round dey. He say he don’t know what they talking about,” Williams said during a phone interview.

Roberts’ co-suspect Jason Henry was accompanied by Olin Dennie, who said he went with the man to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) around 10:30 yesterday morning.

Dennie said that Henry has an alibi for the time of the shooting that took place in Lowmans Hill shortly after 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

The seasoned lawyer informed SEARCHLIGHT that there are persons who are able to verify Henry’s alibi, and it is unlikely that he would be charged.

Both lawyers say that they are not in a position to say if they would represent the men, since, up to press time, neither Henry nor Roberts had been charged.

Police issued a wanted bulletin for Henry, 31, and 25 year-old Roberts, the day after 20-year-old Phillips was shot in the stomach and left arm just as he was about to enter his yard.

In 2009, Roberts and Henry were acquitted of three charges of murder in relation to the deaths of Javon Antoine of Layou, and Reuben Small and Omoro Bowens of Lowmans Hill in August 2007.

A 12-member jury in November 2009 returned unanimous decisions of “not guilty” on all three counts for both men after an hour and a half of deliberations. (JJ)