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T&T rejects more bananas and plantains from SVG


A further 115 boxes of bananas and plantains shipped to Trinidad and Tobago this week was rejected by Trinidad authorities because of the presence of the pink mealy bug among the fruit.{{more}}

Following the rejection of over 2,000 boxes of bananas and plantains in the past three weeks by Trinidad authorities, head of Plant Protection and Quarantine Marcus Richards and agricultural officer Michael Delpesche travelled to Trinidad to observe this week’s shipment being inspected.

Chief agricultural officer Leslie Grant informed SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that during the visit, the officers observed several other boxes being rejected for particular reasons.

“Some mealy bug was found on the produce. There is one person who had 90 boxes. That person took down some of the same produce that was rejected from last week, so they found the same mealy bug again,” Grant explained.

“One lady, with 25 boxes of plantain, mealy bug was found, so that was sent back.”

The chief agricultural officer indicated that the Ministry will have to be vigilant and put measures in place to ensure that persons adhere to the regulations of the phytosanitary certificates.

“We’re going to… talk to the boat owners, to the port authority to ensure that only those goods that are inspected go down,” he said.

In this week’s shipment, just over 1,000 boxes of bananas and plantains were sent to Trinidad.

On May 2, 1,317 boxes of plantains and bananas, which were valued at over $30,000, were sent back to this country. In the previous week, 877 boxes were rejected, as were some bananas which were shipped on April 14.(BK)