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LIME teams up with Stir Media for Vincy Mas 2k14

LIME teams up with Stir Media for Vincy Mas 2k14


The team that brought you up close and personal with the Miss Heritage pageant is partnering with telecommunications provider LIME, to bring the Vincy Mas experience to the fingertips of carnival lovers.{{more}}

Stir Media directors Calvert Jones and Miles Boyea say that persons who would have something to say about any of the major shows taking place during carnival this year, would have the opportunity to share it with the world, by way of the LIME Vincy Mas Viewers Choice Awards Facebook page that will be launched today.

“You know, every year persons always have all kinds of things to say, both positive and negative about the shows.

“In every major show, we will have a social media component, where persons will get to vote for their favourite performer or artiste, and comment on the shows and performances,” Jones said.

“There are a lot of people outside of St Vincent and the Grenadines who don’t have the opportunity to give their input on what took place in the shows, so we are going to give them the chance to do so through LIME,” Boyea added.

The men said that the patrons would be able to attend or view the shows, then make their contributions on the Facebook page, or through Twitter, as well as by sending text messages.

In some cases subscribers would be encouraged to “Like” artistes, songs, contestants, bands and costumes, among other categories, with the entity receiving the most “Likes” being deemed a “viewers’ choice winner.”

The package is part of LIME’s sponsorship deal with the Carnival Development Corporation, as a Super Platinum sponsor of the ‘Hottest Carnival in the Caribbean’ this year.

Not only would LIME be providing the platform for Stir Media to bring this innovation to the world, LIME will also be providing all prizes to be won by contributors to the page.

“For persons sending the most texts every week, for those answering quiz questions, as well as other areas, will get to win free services, 4G handsets, free credit, they will get to meet local artistes and artistes coming in for LIME sponsored shows, tickets for the hottest shows in Vincy Mas, and lots of other prizes are there to be won just for participating in this venture.

“It is not only about contributing to the page, but it is about LIME giving back to show its appreciation for all who would make the Viewers’ Choice page a huge success during the carnival season and beyond,” Jones stated.

“We hope that this will bring a bigger international attention to our carnival,” says Boyea.

“This is the first time that anything like this is happening for Vincy Mas and probably the first time for any carnival in any country in the world, and LIME and Stir Media is setting the pace for what we expect to pick up as time goes by,” he added.

“We are the telecommunications provider of firsts! LIME sets the stage for others to follow and we are excited that hot on the heels of 4G we are doing it again. The LIME and CDC Viewers’ Choice social media segment will add more value to the Vincy Mas experience,” concluded Nikala Williams, senior Marketing and Corporate Communications executive of LIME.