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‘Homie’ eyes 2014 Calypso Monarch crown

‘Homie’ eyes 2014 Calypso Monarch crown


Although he has not abandoned soca and ragga soca, Glenroy “Homie” Delpeche has his eyes set on the Calypso Monarch crown for 2014.{{more}}

When he visited SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday, Delpeche revealed that he has released several songs for this carnival season, including calypso, “The Times.”

“I have two calypsos, ragga soca and possibly a soca,” he said. “Right now, I’m concentrating on the calypso. I feel I have a shot at the calypso. I have two strong calypsos.”

In 2013, Homie was in the Calypso Monarch finals with his song “St Vincent Will Rise”. However, he did not place.

The artiste, who began singing calypso last year, expressed his love for the art form and thinks that he will do a better job this year.

“I think what happened last year when I sang that song and I went on the stage, the feedback I got from the fans…a lot of people tell me that I should continue singing the calypso. Keep the soca and still sing calypso,” he said.

“That song I have there, “The Times,” that song is talking about the times we are living in right now. The time is already here. Everything is happening right now – robberies, pregnancies, everybody can relate.”

While sharing his hope that more persons take part in the carnival season this year, Delpeche also highlighted his wish for younger persons to become involved in singing calypso.

“Calypso is not dying. You just need to get a lot more young people involved in the art form. Promote the art form,” Delpeche, the Graduates Tent singer said.

“I hope we get a good turnout this year for carnival. I hope people come out and support the show, especially calypso, the tent shows. Try to bring it back like what it was in the 80s and 90s. See if we could get more young people into singing calypso and keep up the art form.”

As the music industry evolves in St Vincent and the Grenadines, Homie hopes to be a part of that evolution and pointed out that he will be releasing songs of other genres, after the carnival season, so that there will be a selection of local music all year round.

Delpeche is known for his hits “Bouncing Boots”, “Mojo Dance” and “Stampede.”(BK)