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Scotiabank adds colour to local pre-school

Scotiabank adds colour to local pre-school


Members of staff of the local branch of the Bank of Nova Scotia added colour to the lives of some toddlers here, when they gave a facelift to another pre-school last weekend.{{more}}

On Saturday, Scotiabank staffers joined forces with the “aunties” of the Little Angels Pre-school of Kingstown Park and gave the classrooms fresh coats of paint, through the bank’s Bright Future programme.

Monica “Aunty Angel” Little, the pre-school’s headteacher, said that she and the other teachers were grateful for the gesture, and added that the young students were very excited and happy to see the bright, new colours when they turned up for school this week.

The Bank intends to add a touch of colour to two other pre-schools this month.

In April, the students of the Level Garden Pre-school and Day Care Centre had their premises beautified by the bank.

Through its Bright Future Programme, the bank partners with a number of groups and organizations to support youth education, sports, cultural and environmental projects.(JJ)