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Morocco donates fertilizer to SVG


Five thousand, four hundred and ninety-nine sacks of fertilizer, a gift from the Kingdom of Morocco, are being distributed as part of the effort to resuscitate those aspects of the agricultural sector that were affected during the flood disaster of December 2013.{{more}}

“We are actually seeing a lot of excitement taking place now within the sector,” Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar said, in reference to the various recovery efforts, during a press briefing on April 17.

While he listed the fertilizer from Morocco as a recent effort, the minister noted that the $6 million farmer credit support programme and $750,000 worth of grants to farmers from the Farmer Support Company are other rehabilitative efforts being implemented.

“All these are taking place as we attempt to rebuild the agricultural sector in the aftermath of the April floods, Hurricane Tomas of 2010 and also the most recent December floods,” Caesar said.

“Agriculture is going to play its role to ensure that we rebuild those persons who would have suffered losses.”

The distribution of fertilizer began on April 16.