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Janitors begin series of training workshops

Janitors begin series of training workshops


Janitors attached to educational institutions are being reminded of the importance of their service to the education sector.{{more}}

The Ministry of Education, through the Adult and Continuing Education Unit, has begun a series of training workshops for cleaners of Primary and Secondary schools, as well as Learning Resource Centres.

According to Francis Clarke-Palmer, director of the Adult and Continuing Education Unit, it is the first time that a session of this nature is being held for janitorial workers and the information is expected to reach about 400 janitors.

“Within the 20 years that I have been in adult and continuing education, this will be the first time that we are doing a programme like this,” Clarke-Palmer said at the first workshop held on April 16.

“I have followed some things where people rebelled in different countries and refused to clean and all of that, and the place went downhill fast. People were panicking and it was serious. That just goes to show the importance of the sector.”

Meanwhile, chief education officer Lou-Anne Gilchrist stated that the role of the janitors is critical in maintaining school environments that are clean, healthy and safe.

“We depend on you to help us to keep the school environment clean and healthy,” she declared.

In addition, Gilchrist observed that the work of janitors is extremely valued, as they provide a meaningful service to the schools.

“We have many complaints at the Ministry of Education from teachers, principals and parents and in some cases the cleaners do not clean …,” the chief education officer said.

“That’s not what we expect. That is why you are here. We want you to go in and do your work with pride. We value you. Your work is important,” Gilchrist added.

Each training session covers a range of topics that includes the rudiments of good cleaning, proper use of chemicals, the importance of team work and proper water conservation and garbage disposal.

The workshops will run for the next few weeks.