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Government needs to do more for Easterval – UIEC chair

Government needs to do more for Easterval – UIEC chair


Chairman of the Union Island Easterval Committee (UIEC) Abdon Whyte says the Government needs do more if the annual festival is to grow.{{more}}

“Government needs to step in and start playing a more active role, whether it is in training or spending more money. For example, if you compare Carriacou with here, it is sad because of the amount of money they would receive,” Whyte said, adding that Grenada’s government paid for two boats to travel from St George’s to Carriacou, when the latter island held their carnival.

Whyte is also of the view that private investors could do more to help with Easterval.

“Easterval is the biggest thing we have. There’s not a lot of money on the island, but more could still be done by persons who have it. We have to use every influence to make the festival bigger,” he added.

According to Whyte, persons must be able to use their influence and position for the betterment of the festival and not try to hamper it in certain ways.

“Everybody loves Easter. We had a lot of support from the small businesses and received a lot of encouragement. Persons saw we were really working hard and saw the position we were placed in and that is why I think we had the support from the local businesses this year,” he said.

Whyte thanked his committee for doing a remarkable job, and those who even took vacation to help with the festival.

He said despite the few setbacks, they were still able to pull off a good package for the patrons.

“Every time things don’t go according to plan, a lot of people talk about restructuring and it’s time to revamp. I don’t know if I would be the head of the committee next year or if I would even be on the committee and it’s not for any other reason than the fact that it is a lot of work,” Whyte said.

The graduate teacher also indicated that he has got into trouble on different occasions, because he had to leave work during his free periods to attend to matters of the committee.

“There needs to be a different approach and people need to view their contribution as something meaningful. Easterval can’t continue like this. We can’t! There needs to be some sort of change,” he added.

Whyte is into his third year as chairman of the UIEC.

The Easterval festivities ran from April 11 to 21.