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Disruptions to be expected when Leeward Highway project begins

Disruptions to be expected when Leeward Highway project begins


Although there will be major disruptions when the Leeward Highway rehabilitation project begins in June, officials from the Ministry of Transport and Works are promising a major improvement in the road network, both in width and protection.{{more}}

In a general overview of the project, chief engineer Brent Bailey named areas in Campden Park, Questelles and Rillan Hill that will undergo major construction and will more than likely cause serious diversions of traffic.

“We have several upgrades we are going to be doing along the highway,” Bailey explained.

“The areas of work is basically to upgrade the highway, to a carriageway between 6 metres and 6.4 metres in total carriage width. And this is to include the necessary drain works, retaining wall structures, road pavement.”

Bailey noted that in an area in Questelles, the road is “seriously deformed,” because of earth movement.

“We plan to change the alignment of that road. We’re going to be cutting the upper embankment and shifting the road, landwards. As all members who utilize the highway know, that area again is prone to earth movement. The pavement at present is seriously deformed, so that will require a significant amount of work,” the chief engineer revealed.

The roads at Duke’s Corner in Rillan Hill and the entrance to the container port in Campden Park are also expected to have major works, where the road will be widened.

“The road profiles will be changed in those areas. There will be sidewalks as well provided for the children going to the…Lowmans Anglican [School],” Bailey said.

Despite the significant disruptions that are expected during the project, the chief engineer ensured a quality product in the end, saying that it would be difficult for the government to undergo the $25.14 million project and not receive the best results possible.

“Naturally, as I said before, there will be disruptions. Traffic is going to be significant, but we are going to try to minimize those activities,” he said. “At all times too, the contractor will attempt to ensure that there is one lane available and there will also be traffic coordinators.”(BK)