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Dispute over cell phone turns deadly

Dispute over cell phone turns deadly


A Mayreau family is in turmoil and the small community in shock, after a family argument turned deadly on that tiny Grenadine island last Sunday afternoon.{{more}}

The argument, on the usually quiet 1.5 square mile island, where crime is rare, escalated into an altercation which left Lenmore Grant, 24, dead.

His nephew, Glenmore Grant, 27, has been charged with the killing.

Solitha Grant-Stapleton, originally of Mayreau, but who now lives at Fitz-Hughes on the mainland, told SEARCHLIGHT that she was at home on Sunday around 7:30 p.m. when she received a phone call from her sister Maria in Mayreau.

Solitha said Maria told her that her son, Glenmore, had stabbed and killed Lenmore, her brother.

“I couldn’t even hold up, right now I’m still in shock,” said Solitha, who was on her way to Mayreau, accompanied by two of her daughters, Erica and Kenisha, when SEARCHLIGHT caught up with her.

Solitha said that she was told that the two young men were arguing over a cell phone.

According to Solitha, after the argument got heated, Lenmore went for a cutlass and inflicted about six lashes and a cut on his nephew, who then went for a knife and inflicted the fatal wound.

Glenmore was taken into custody by Union Island police and brought to the mainland, along with Lenmore’s body on Monday around midday on a coast- guard vessel.

It is widely believed that this is the first killing in living memory to have taken place on Mayreau, the smallest inhabited island of the Grenadines.

It has a population of 300.