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All-star cast to perform in ‘Kingstown: The Musical’

All-star cast to perform in ‘Kingstown: The Musical’


Theatre Arts will present “Kingstown: The Musical,” an original stage production, featuring live music and an all-star Vincy cast at Indian Bay for six nights May 16, 17, 18 and May 23, 24, 25.{{more}}

Starring Leeonney Bentick as Dr Ann-Marie Taylor, a young doctor at Milton Cato Memorial Hospital; Brian Maloney as Quincy Grant, her would-be Canadian lover; Jeremy Barbour as Michael Thomas, R.N., Ann-Marie’s fiancé; and Deanna Hadaway-Carbon as Keara Jamison, Ann-Marie’s best friend, the event promises to be a night to remember, with an ensemble cast and 15 musical numbers ranging from classic soul to Vincy folk music, calypso, reggae, classical opera, soca, gospel, rap, stomp and more – all in a unique outdoorsetting. Pannist/percussionist Rodney Small and his Ultimate band will provide the live music. The play is suitable for all ages.

The story was written by Marc Erdrich and the production is directed by Erdrich (stage) and Ruth Boerger (music), whose previous credits here include “From Ballads to Broadway” and “Oh, Daddy!” David “Darkie” Williams, an icon in the Vincentian performing arts scene, is the stage manager; Maxine Browne, the founder and artistic director of La Gracia Dance Company, is providing the choreography and Anthony Theobalds is in charge of lighting.

The stage venue, Tranquillity Bay Hotel, is located near the beach at Indian Bay and has limited seating for about 45 persons at each performance, making for an intimate evening of entertainment. Theatre-goers will be treated to multiple performance spaces and an experience unlike anything they’ve ever seen on St Vincent.

While weather will play a critical role in the success or failure of the production, Erdrich, who has lived here for 15 years, says he is confident Vincentians will be understanding. Theatregoers are encouraged to bring umbrellas.

“This space (where the production will be held) has been calling out to me for years,” Erdrich said. “But I kept putting it off and putting it off, until finally, one day I said to Ruth ‘Okay, this is it.

We’re going to do it, the weather be damned.’ So, we started talking about what to do and it was as if the space dictated the story line. It came so easily and the music just followed.

“I have to admit that from the beginning I loved the story line,” Boerger said, “but the idea of producing an outdoor musical seemed overwhelming – and it still is, in a way. But once I made the commitment, I got excited about the process of choosing the music, choosing the cast, rehearsing. It’s all about the process, really: the challenge, moving beyond my own comfort zone.

“Now that we’re doing it, I’m terrified that something will go wrong,” Erdrich continued. “I wonder if we’ve taken on too much. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about all there is to do, with songs going ‘round and ‘round in my head. Fifteen songs is a lot of music to rehearse. But Ruth just plows ahead, and the cast is great. I love the idea of an ensemble where people play different roles.”

In addition to the leading roles, the cast also includes Kaela Barrett, Marjorie Brown, Kawano Cain, Kaywne Goodgie, Nadia Haywood, Kia Henry, Sylvannus Horne, Shaquille Hunte, Edwin “Son-J” Johnson, Chester Toney, and Michael Williams.Tickets can be purchased at Tranquillity Hotel at Indian Bay and at Richie’s Famous, Singer or the Music Centre in Kingstown. While tickets may be available the night of the performance, attendees are urged to call in advance for availability. The cost is $50. Show time is 7:30.