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Special Olympics SVG shares jackpot win

Special Olympics SVG shares jackpot win


Cassandra Richards, the winner of the Special Olympics SVG (SOSVG) bingo jackpot has decided to share her big win to Take Us to the World.{{more}}

Cassandra won the $2,000 prize, sponsored by the St Vincent Brewery Limited, at the SOSVG gala fund-raising jamboree, held in the SVG Bank car park. The fund-raiser was a great success and behind the activity and merriment is the very serious drive to take 25 Special Olympians to the World Games being staged in Los Angeles next year.

Cassandra was over the moon at her good fortune and decided to share it with the Take Us to the World SO campaign.

She said “I went to the gala to show my support for the Special Olympics cause and had so much fun. I love bingo, but never thought I would win anything. I was thrilled at winning the jackpot. When I listened to the speeches and was told about the “Take Us to the World” campaign, I just had to show my support by sharing the prize. I hope many others will follow me in making sure our athletes can get to America next year for the World Games.”

“Special Olympics SVG last participated in the Northern Ireland World Games in 2003, when we sent the largest team ever ­– 20 athletes and six officials. Back then our team did us proud by winning a tally of 15 medals (three gold, six silver and six bronze),” Janice McMaster (SOSVG national director) declared.

“It is once again our aim to be part of this most prestigious event and take pride in giving our athletes the opportunity of bringing back gold. Cassandra is a great example and we know others will step up.”

If you would like to support the campaign to Take Us to the World, contact Janice McMaster at Special Olympics today Phone: (784)458-4626/532-8525; E-mail:[email protected]