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‘I Love my Appliances From Courts’ campaign winner

‘I Love my Appliances From Courts’ campaign winner


The second winner of the “I Love my Appliances From Courts” campaign has been rewarded for shopping at the furniture and appliance store.{{more}}

Walliston Stapleton of Spring Village this week collected a $500 grocery voucher, which he earned after purchasing a top load washer, valued at $2,399, and a Frigidaire microwave that cost $399.

Stapleton could still be in winners’ row, and stand a chance to win a kitchen makeover, compliments MABE, to the tune of $3,900.

If he is selected, Stapleton can win a MABE 14 cubic refrigerator, a 30 inch MABE gas stove, and a MABE microwave oven.

All shoppers spending $1,599 or more on appliances will qualify for the grand prize draw.

The next $500 grocery voucher draw was scheduled to take place this week.