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Burke wins Spring Bling’s Best Dressed competition

Burke wins Spring Bling’s Best Dressed competition


Vincentians pride themselves on many things including how they dress and Natifuer Burke is one such person.{{more}}

Burke is the winner of Spring Bling’s Best Dressed competition which was held on Sunday, April 6 at the private Mt Wynne beach.

As a result of winning the best dressed competition, Burke was rewarded with a DL 700 smart phone compliments Digicel, one of the sponsors of the event.

Spring Bling was a three-day event which began on Friday, April 4 and ended on Sunday, April 4 at the Private Mt Wynne beach.

It was dubbed the Guinness Digicel 4G Spring Bling weekend and featured an array of activities including the ‘Daydream Beach Trip’ on the Saturday and a performance by the Caribbean’s leading female DJ ‘Alicia D-Duchess’ from Trinidad and Tobago on the Sunday.

It was put on by Premium Entertainment Network and Face Caribbean and also saw performances from local artistes such as Royale and Prez.