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Young man found dead, body riddled with bullets

Young man found dead, body riddled with bullets


Just over two months after seeing his cousin laid to rest due to gun violence, Roger Bramble, also know as “Bolo” and “Fifty,” – this country’s ninth recorded homicide victim, followed the same fate.{{more}}

The 25 year-old man’s body was found close to the Brighton playing field on Monday morning, two days after he was last seen by relatives.

Sharon Bramble, Roger’s mother, told SEARCHLIGHT on Monday evening that she last saw her second child alive sometime after 5 p.m. on Saturday.

She said that the following day she received some troubling news that had her searching for her son for the rest of the weekend.

“He ask me if I have money, I tell him yes, he say give me a dollar he going home. He live here but he don’t stay here when night time come.

“Sunday morning I get up and cleaning up me yard, they call me tell me Roger dead.

“I go hospital, no sign of him. I phone up CID (police Criminal Investigations Department), no news nor nothing. I call Calliaqua (police station), nothing. Me and my two daughters leave and go out to Diamond way he live, we search the river, no sight of him. This morning we go back, no sight of him.

The grieving mother said that the search continued all morning until they finally received word that Roger’s lifeless body had been discovered.

“Coming back up now a lady call out and say they find him up on the bank in Brighton down below the playing field.

“I meet me child dead fold up,” Sharon lamented. “And he get mash up bad,” she added.

The mother of five said that she noticed her son received multiple gunshots to his head, causing one of his eyes to be dislodged from the socket, and his brain spread on the ground.

Sharon said that she was told that her son had gone to the area that evening, and when he was leaving, unknown assailants shot him.

One resident in the area told SEARCHLIGHT that he had just returned from a funeral between 7 and 8 p.m., when he heard multiple gunshots in the area where Bramble’s body was discovered.

Although she acknowledged that her son was “bad”, she said that he was good to her.

According to her, he went to prison on three separate occasions, spending seven years behind bars on a robbery conviction.

“I feel it, he is me son. I will miss him plenty, in all of them he was me main one.

“He said to me, ‘mommy I know you don’t have no money to bury me and I know I ain’t go dead now’, but they track him down and they kill him….

“The last thing he turn to me and tell me ‘mammy, yo love me?’ and I say ‘yes,’ that’s Saturday evening five o’ clock is the last day I see me child alive until today.

“God giveth and God taketh, but I don’t like how me child go down….” Sharon said.

Bramble was the victim of a shooting incident on January 19, when he was hit in the foot by a bullet, while he and another relative were standing close to the Sion Hill intersection.

His cousin Fitz-Allen “Wizzy” was shot and killed eight days later, not too far away from the January 19 incident.

Fitz-Allen Bramble was this country’s first homicide for 2014.