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Suspect assisting with investigation into death of Rillan Hill woman


A man is currently in police custody assisting with investigations into the murder of Miranda “Wiggy” Williams of Rillan Hill.{{more}}

Williams, 34, a sales clerk, was discovered on Saturday, April 12, in Hope Flat, Penniston, with gunshots to her chest.

Residents in the area reported hearing gunshots in that area the night before Williams was discovered.

Police also say that the gunshots were allegedly inflicted at about 10:50 p.m., on Friday, April 11.

Commissioner of Police Michael Charles said persons have reported that a male and a female were fighting that Friday night.

“The Vermont police responded and when they got to the area, no one was there… Later, the body was discovered and we want to believe it’s the same person who was in the fight,” he said.

Charles noted that it is being bandied about that police should respond quicker to situations. “While we have the Rapid Response Unit in Layou who patrols that part of the island, they were out on patrol, but unfortunately they were not there (Penniston).”

Up to press time, no charges had been laid.