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Scotiabank donates to fisheries

Scotiabank donates to fisheries


The 2014 Fisherman’s Day Committee received a financial boost from the Bank of Nova Scotia last week.{{more}}

On Wednesday, April 9, the bank became the official sponsors of the annual Tots in Marine Life event, with an EC $5,000 injection into the programme.

At a presentation that took place at the bank’s headquarters in Kingstown, Scotiabank representative Lesley Bowman presented the cheque to co-ordinator of the Tots in Marine Life programme Roxanne Pompey, and Winsbert Harry, chair of the Fisherman’s Day Committee.

Under this programme, children under six years old get creatively involved in marine life activities, encouraging them to gain a greater appreciation for marine resources at an early age, by heightening their interest and awareness in fisheries activities and issues.

The programme will feature pre-school tots from all around St Vincent and the Grenadines in colourful costumes, depicting marine life. The little ones will also be producing art and performing skits and songs.

The event will take place on June 6 at the Peace Memorial Hall.

The 2014 Fisherman’s Day theme is “Fishing for today’s family, creates a healthy society,” and the slogan is “Fish to survive and thrive.”