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Optipharm Eye Centre staff feed homeless

Optipharm Eye Centre staff feed homeless


The staff of Optipharm Eye Centre held a ‘feeding the homeless’ activity under the Singer gallery on Sunday, April 13, 2014.{{more}}

This activity was done in accordance with World Street Children Day, which was also celebrated on that day. It was considered that there are many street children and homeless in Kingstown and it would be a good deed to provide a balanced meal for those who rarely get one.

The staff prepared hot lunches, cold drinks and dessert for the homeless of Kingstown. Many indigent and homeless persons gathered for the lunches, and the distribution was started with an opening prayer and words of encouragement.

One of the homeless females present shared her emotional story of how she ended up on the streets. Those who benefitted from the activity showed appreciation to the management and staff of Optipharm Eye Centre for the good deed.

Optipharm Eye Centre said this is one way they strive to give back to the community.