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KFC introduces Original Recipe Salad

KFC introduces  Original Recipe Salad


Minister of Health Wellness and the Environment Clayton Burgin has lauded fast food restaurant franchise Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) for taking a healthy step in the right direction, with the introduction of their Original Recipe Salad.{{more}}

The company unveiled the salad meal on Monday evening at the Arnos Vale outlet, and also solidified its partnership with Vincy Fresh, which provides locally produced sauces for the restaurant.

Burgin saw the introduction of the salad at the restaurant as collaboration with the Ministry in promoting health and wellness in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

He said that the association with Vincy Fresh also highlights KFC’s commitment to building local partnerships.

“When I heard of the nutritious and healthy meals that you are preparing I feel good because… we try to promote healthy living and healthy eating, and you have done it all, so I have one more partner in promoting healthy living and health eating.

“Your partnering with Vincy Fresh is an ideal situation for a locally based international company to partner with a local company, both of you having products that compliment each other and the farmers and other persons in St Vincent would welcome because when the farmers produce their sauces and other things and you purchase them you are gaining economic value and St Vincent and the Grenadines will be in a better place for that.”

The Minister called on Vincentians to take advantage of the opportunity to consume a healthy meal at what he boasted were the best KFC outlets in the world.

“Because I know the KFC in St Vincent and the Grenadines and I always say that there is a special taste…. If you want to taste good KFC, come to St Vincent and the Grenadines.”

Former West Indies wicketkeeper and fitness buff Michael Findlay, a KFC spokesperson, pointed out that the KFC Original Recipe Salad is prepared with crispy pieces of KFC original recipe chicken breasts, mixed with fresh greens, carrots, tomatoes and cranberries, with the Original Recipe sauce on the side.

Managers at the various branches also promoted two new additions to the menu: the Wing It meal, which consists of two pieces of wings, fries and a 12 ounce drink, as well as the franchise’s venture into the breakfast realm, with its introduction of coffee, teas, crispy strips and cinnamon rolls among the list of options.

Kudos were also given to Vincy Fresh for its tamarind sauce, which was hailed as a healthier alternative to tomato ketchup.

Vincy Fresh has been providing KFC with its sauces for the past two months.

Persons at the unveiling of the salad commended KFC for the initiative taken to bring both the salad and local sauces into the restaurant’s choices.