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Karen Hinds’ Phenomenal Women Conference: ‘Seeing New Possibilities’

Karen Hinds’ Phenomenal Women Conference:  ‘Seeing New Possibilities’


For yet another year, many women were left feeling empowered after Karen Hinds’ Phenomenal Women Conference.{{more}}

Last Saturday, the annual women’s conference was held at the Methodist Church Hall.

Under the theme “Seeing New Possibilities,” organizer Karen Hinds offered a programme that touched a variety of topics and catered for women of all ages. In fact, 2014’s conference was a two-day event, with a conference specifically for teenage girls on Friday.

In an interview with Hinds, she declared that her event was “truly phenomenal.”

“There’s no other way to put it. We had a packed house. Sold out show. We are just grateful that we had the opportunity to make an impact on the women here in St Vincent and the Grenadines and those from other countries who came as well,” she said.

With respect to the teen segment of the conference, the organizer noted that although the teens were reserved when they came, they left feeling differently about the experience.

“They weren’t sure what to expect, so they were very reserved. They had never gone to anything like this before; they weren’t sure what was happening. They came in reserved. They left absolutely exuberant about the whole experience,” Hinds said.

“When people leave, they would have to be different, whether they came willingly or reluctantly. It’s an experience that’s going to change people’s lives.”

US based Vincentian Roseanne Small-Morgan returned to the panel of speakers for yet another year and gave presentations on both days of the event.

In the interview with Morgan, she expressed happiness in the fact that the conference has evolved significantly in such a short space of time.

“What I’ve seen is, is that it has become a pay it forward, where people are sponsoring other people and teams and deserving women, people are coming with more of an open frame of mind and it is actually just really inspirational,” the SEARCHLIGHT columnist said.

Among the many women who attended on Saturday was Miss SVG 2014 contestant Shadeisha George.

While speaking with SEARCHLIGHT, George admitted that she was a bit apprehensive to attend because she did not know what to expect.

However, she stated that she was extremely happy that she got the opportunity to attend.

“We had different speakers for different topics,” she explained. “I really like that because it did not tackle just one specific area and we all have areas that we need to work on.”

Being among the younger set of persons to attend the conference, George said that she loved that persons her age chose to be a part of the experience.

“I’m seeing that the conference really targeted mainly middle-aged women, but I saw a few young people here. I really like the fact that women are responding to the conference in a positive way,” the 21-year-old said.

“I would definitely encourage people to come, especially people my age, because we are really the future, and when these people are gone, we are going to need that positive energy, we are going to need that uplifting and empowerment to carry on and be phenomenal women in St Vincent and the Grenadines.”

For the two-day event, the featured speakers included Lorna Owens from the USA, Julia Bernard-Thompson from England and Vincentian panelists Jehann Jack, Lessie Williams, Dr Kathleen Patricia Israel, Hollis and Jestina Charles, Fr Kari Marcelle, Taireen and Bernadette Warren, Dr Kenneth Onu and Dr Francesca Burnham-Onu.

Topics that were discussed during the event ranged from overcoming self-doubt and balancing finances to balancing work life and how to go about starting your own business. Sessions for single women, as well as married women, were also a part of the conference. (BK)