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Customs officer thrown off Mustique after fight


A fight over a woman on the Grenadine island of Mustique caused a young customs officer to be escorted from the vacation haven on the weekend, and he is likely to face disciplinary action.{{more}}

SEARCHLIGHT was reliably informed that the officer, who had been stationed on the island for less than a year, traded blows with another male at a social gathering on Sunday night, after the woman the officer accompanied to the function started dancing with his rival.

The source told SEARCHLIGHT that the woman involved works at one of the guesthouses on the island, is considerably older than the officer, and has been on the island for a long time.

The two got into a relationship when the officer started working on the island.

According to the source, the melee started when the woman started dancing with the other man, who is employed at another guesthouse on the island.

The source said that the two appeared to be flirting on the dance floor, which made the customs officer infuriated, and proceed to verbally and physically assault the couple.

A fight between the men ensued and they had to be separated by other persons who were present.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that later that night the officer went to the residence of the woman, where guests from overseas were staying.

While outside of the home, the source said that the young man created a disturbance, forcing residents to call the police, who came and removed him from the premises.

The source said that security officials from the Mustique Company escorted the officer from the island the following day.

He left the island by plane.

On Wednesday when SEARCHLIGHT contacted Grenville John, Comptroller of Customs, the senior official confirmed that an incident did take place on the island involving a customs officer, but he did not at the time have an official report on the matter.

John said that he was not in a position to comment.

The island of Mustique is a vacation haven for the international elite, and most affairs on the island is managed by the Mustique Company Limited.