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Conference not designed to bash men


Karen Hinds’ Phenomenal Women Conference was not designed to bash men.This view was highlighted by a number of the conference’s featured speakers, after the event was held last weekend.{{more}}

The female panelists assured that the conference was useful to both men and women.

In an interview, the organizer, Karen Hinds, indicated that the conference can be useful to both men and women.

“I believe that the information we share here at this conference will make the men at home extremely happy, because they (the women) are going to come back…more grounded, they’re going to be happier and they’re going to be more focused,” said Hinds, who has been married for 19 years.

In addition, she stated that men should feel comfortable knowing that their wives or girlfriends will be in a wonderful place while at the conference.

Vincentian Jean Johnney-Findlay was a panelist at the teens’ conference, but agreed with Hinds that men should be happy that their significant others have attended the conference.

“Today was truly inspirational and I know a lot of women understood more and will be better, not just for themselves, but for their families and partners. What was said here today can go for both male and females and it’s just about empowering the entire family,” she said.

Featured speaker from the United States of America Lorna Owens even invited men to attend the conference as well.

“They should feel comfortable to come. It’s not male bashing. I think some of the tools that we teach here are universal, are gender neutral. It is true that we encourage women, but a man would not feel badly and they are welcome,” Owens said.

The woman, who spoke on overcoming self-doubt, also pointed out that although it was in the minority, a number of men were present at the event.

Other speakers are of the opinion that the women’s conference will pave the way for a men’s conference to take place in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“This movement will propel men to do the same in terms of mentoring young men into how they should teach their boys and young men to treat us, as we are learning how to treat ourselves and them in relationships. So, half of the violence and toxic behaviours will stop,” said US- based Vincentian Roseanne Small-Morgan.

Morgan described the conference as a “happy place,” where both sexes are recognized and embraced.

Featured speaker from England, Julia Bernard-Thompson also shared a similar view.

“I think the key for me is to collaborate with us and not compete with us. I’m sure Karen didn’t set up a conference to be in competition with any men who want to set up a men’s conference, but I think the key thing is to think of ways that can help us, come alongside us and support us. The better we feel in ourselves, we bring it home, we bring it to our children, we bring it to our girlfriends, we bring it back to them,” she said.

The Karen Hinds’ Phenomenal Women Conference was held at the Methodist Church Hall, last Friday and Saturday. This year, the event was hosted under the theme, “Seeing New Possibilities.” (BK)