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Bet you didn’t know

Bet you didn’t know


The recently assigned Chargé d’Affairs at the Venezuelan Embassy, Elias Villaba, is the representative here of a government which has had long and close ties with St Vincent and the Grenadines and has demonstrated its close friendship in many tangible ways, including support for the airport, the bulk fuel storage facility at Lowmans Bay and financing the soon-to-be distributed laptops for secondary school students.{{more}}

But bet you didn’t know Chargé d’Affairs Elias Villalba:

1. Is just 29 years old, although he holds such an important position and has been in the Foreign Service for just six and a half years.

2. Speaks three languages fluently – Spanish, English and Dutch, and a bit of two others, Hungarian and Papimento.

3. Read for his International Economics degree in English at the former Karl Marx University in Hungary

4. Grew up all over the world with his diplomat mother, including Aruba, Curacao, Brazil, Nicaragua, then Hungary and Barbados.

5. Loves soccer and his favourite team is – you guessed it – Real Madrid. He also loves baseball – a national pastime and his favourite team is Eagles from his home state Seriau.